Evacuation from Work Platforms Course

Evacuation rope rescue courses in Scotland and across the UK

Duration: 1 day

Cost: £180 plus VAT

Ratio: 1 to 6

Venue: Course delivered on site workplace

Description: This course is for those employees working on elevated platforms such as: pickers; roofs; gantries; and cable car pylons, who need an emergency evacuation, due to sickness, injury or a dangerous occurrence. The course will follow recognised risk assessment procedures for emergency escape plans from raised platform structures. The training is carried out on structures that employees operate and are familiar.

Prerequisites: Employees have to be fit and be over the age of 18 years

Content of course:

  • Dealing with a sick employee, getting help
  • Knowing which rope anchors can be used
  • PPE and emergency extraction equipment
  • Rescue component parts, standards, strengths and limitations
  • Avoiding fall factors
  • Evacuation procedures:
    1. Introduction to lowering devices
    2. Knowing your limitations
  • Storage, care and maintenance of Personal Protective Equipment

 Assessment format:

  • Short exam paper – open book from course materials
  • Practical test


A certificate of training and assessment components will be issued. The course has a 2 year validation.

climbworksafety ltd recommend a 1 day update refresher/assessment every 2 years.

All of our courses fall within scope of BS8454:2006 which provides recommendations and guidance on the delivery of training and education for work at height, including rescue.  It is applicable to training for work which falls within the scope of the Work at Height Regulations 2005. The standard is applicable to training for work at height in an industrial context, including work at height in factories and in the construction, civil engineering and cleaning sectors, all climb industries courses are delivered in accordance with those standards.